Etched Glass and Glass Sculpture designs by Townsend Glass
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Townsend Glass creates custom etched glass and glass sculpture designs

Townsend Glass
Elegant Glass Designs for All Occasions

Etched Glass Awards and Nameplates

Townsend Glass, Inc. custom-designed, deep-etched glass & crystal awards fill that need for a special, unique award or presentation piece.

Your logo can be elegantly highlighted as it is deep-etched in a corporate gift that will be used by the recipient and appreciated for years to come.

Jewelry designer nameplates are customized with your logo deep-etched and can be color filled. Under halogen lights, these nameplates beautifully herald your work and define your collection.

Art Glass Sculptures

Townsend Glass hand-made, lamp-worked sculptures gracefully capture motion and fluidity in beautiful borosilicate crystal.